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Marley Engineered Products is the leading manufacturer of electric resistive heating and ventilation products in North America. The primary focus is on providing electric heating for residential, commercial, and industrial construction. Marley distributes products through Electrical, Mechanical, and Industrial Distribution channels as well as major retail and big box chains. Brands included QMark, Berko, Marley Industrial Products, Marley Builder Products, and Farenheat.

Located in Bennettsville SC, Marley Engineered Products’ electric heating roots go back over 100 years. Marley is currently a division of SPX Corporation in Charlotte NC and has recently been organizationally combined with Weil McLain.  The 490,000 square foot Bennettsville facility is comprised of 390,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space, and over 100,000 square feet of distribution and warehousing. Marley also operates a manufacturing and sales organization in Shanghai, China that supports the North American market as well as mainland China's efforts to convert from coal to electric heating.

Colin O'Connell joined the Sales and Marketing team at Marley Engineered Products in June of 2000. He made the move from Siemens to expand his career as a Product Manager in the HVAC industry. His career at Marley was marked by successful product development and marketing efforts that resulted in rapid advancement and expanded responsibilities.

Product Management



Infrared heating Infrared Heater Small Infrared heater

Lead the New Product Development (NPD) efforts of Marley’s line of commercial and industrial infrared heaters. The category had languished from a dated design and lack of marketing support. The new designs were quickly accepted by the marketplace and have since been added to the product lines of several of North America’s largest distributors. Notable projects include Eagle’s stadium in Philadelphia, DFW airport in Dallas, and Union Station in St Louis.

NEMA-4X Slope Top ConvectorsSlopetop Convector

Colin led the development and market release of the ST4X line of convectors. Responding to a Voice of the Customer request for a custom convector to be placed in the dugouts of the new Miller Park stadium in Milwaukee, the team worked with the customer to meet their specifications. The design had to stand up the abuse it could/would see, heat the space effectively, and be able to withstand cleaning by high pressure water. The final product was an 18 gage stainless steel slope top convector that passed the rigors of NEMA4X (washdown) safety testing. The product was subsequently marketed to food processing, laboratory, and warehousing applications where washdown rated and/or stainless steel heaters are required.

Industrial VentilationIndustrial Fans

Colin was called upon to lead the effort to turn around Marley’s Industrial Ventilation business which had been in a steepening decline caused by quality and delivery issues. By building a team that tapped the best assets from engineering, production planning, manufacturing, and sales, he was able to correct the sources of quality and delivery issues and deliver new programs and materials to Sales & Marketing that won back lost accounts. This success led directly to his promotion to the position of Director of Industrial Sales.