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Joe DeAngelis, VP Sales and Marketing, SPX Corporation (colleague)

“Colin is an excellent sales or marketing leader, who is able to deliver results, unafraid to take on and overcome challenges. He is very smart, determined, dedicated, and easy to be around, someone you can trust and depend on. I believe he has lots of upside and will bring optimism, can do attitude and esprit de corps to any organization. I strongly recommend him." - August 12, 2009

Joe Hishon ,   Regional Sales Manager, Marley Engineered Products (colleague) 

“Colin is a hard worker with strong interpersonal communicating and computer skills. He helped me on numerous occasions to both put out and light fires within our company. His work ethic and his ability to learn new programs is a well proven entity.”  - August 24, 2009

David Turpin ,   President, Turpin Sales & Marketing (business partner)  

“Colin is a very bright dedicated individual. Colin balances a great family life with the a high paced business career. I have seen Colin grow from an unknown at a major distributor to an integral member of the distributor's team. Dedication, hard work, and creativity are part of Colin's daily culture. Colin posses an attention to detail, strategy, planning, and preparation.” - July 14, 2009

Tim Matt ,    VP R&D, SPX Corporation, Marley Engineered Products (colleague)  

“Colin delights his customers by greatly exceeding expectations. He works to understand his external customers needs and then delivers clear requirements to his internal customers successfully managing across departmental boundaries. Colin did a terrific job of identifying opportunties to significantly increase revenue with new product introductions and then led the global team to deliver in record time. I enjoy working with Colin. He has a positive attitude, generates trust and respect, exceeds his commitments, and is an excellent communicator.” - July 14, 2009

Jeff White, VP Sales and Marketing, SPX / Marley Engineered Products (colleague)  

“Colin was an asset for me during my period as VP of Sales & Marketing at Marley Engineered Products. Extremely responsive, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. He has a natural ability to build close relationships with key strategic customers and as a result develops an excellent understanding of their company and markets. Internally, he possesses the ability to interact at all levels of the business and is continually sought out to participate on interdepartmental teams. His team leading and management skills make him a huge contributor.” - July 27, 2009 Colin O'Connell